QUIMEO is a collaborative web application with supports you in the implementation
and tracking of your improvement projects

1 - Planning

Centralize all of your sites’ initiatives and action plans 

In particular: priorities, categories (energy, process...), amount of investment, earnings

2 - Realization

Get a real-time view of the initiatives and their progress, gains generated, alerts

3 - Control

Measuring financial and industrial gains over time

Identifying really effective levers

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QuimeO provides a solution to the particular problems of each stakeholder

Providing support to people on-site for the implementation and the tracking of their initiatives

Promote information sharing

Increase stakeholder involvement

Simplify data entry and reduce the risk of error

Getting a shared and coherent vision of initiatives, actions and timescales for the project committee

View of the amount of investment and earnings generated

Piloting the organizational planning

Share the methodologies to be implemented

Automate production of reporting for the program steering team

Manage investments and earnings: per site, per Business Unit, per kind...

Identifying really effective levers

Identify good practices and tools to be implemented

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